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Jim Morrison continues to fascinate, but getting inside Morrison’s brilliant and rebellious head requires, ironically, wrapping one’s mind around the monolith that is big business. [Mix every metaphor, that’s my motto!] And for better or worse, the best place to start remains No One Here Gets Out Alive. As I said to Jerry Hopkins, NOHGOA has taken a lot of shots over the years, but for three decades it’s faithfully served as the blueprint for Jim’s life. If you haven’t yet, read Hopkins’s recent e-book, Behind Closed Doors, which features the intriguing balls-to-the-wall subtitle: The No One Here Gets Out Alive Update the Doors Don’t Want You to Read. BCD offers fascinating insights not only into the surreal germination of Jim’s life and post-life, but also that of NOHGOA itself as a rite of adolescent passage akin to The Catcher in the Rye.

Riddled with a fair number of typos indigenous to the e-publishing world, Behind Closed Doors still features Jerry’s razor-sharp unflinching reportage on the history of The Doors™ and the corporate politics of Rock®. Like a two-headed, yes, snake, it’s a twisted and turning reality I imagine Jim would find to be as horrifying as it is humorous. [Make that more horrifying.] Check out BCD, and tell ‘em BTE sent ya.