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Q: WHEN will Before the End: Searching for Jim Morrison be released?
A: We’re still eyeing a potential late 2015 release via DVD/VOD [and a possible art house theatrical run], but realistically speaking, it likely will happen in 2016.

Q: What the hell is taking you so LONG?
A: In addition to the usual unforeseen filmmaking delays, we continue to work far outside the traditional Hollywood system via an independent budget. In Hollywood, “indie” or “low budget” generally implies “only” $10 million. A true independent documentary like Before the End finds us working with a budget that wouldn’t cut the mustard on a week of catering costs for a typical TV series. BTE is a labor of love and not some cookie-cutter documentary that will be rushed to market. In any event, we at Z-Machine are all about quality versus quantity.

Keep in mind that we’re ultimately a two-person husband-and-wife production company doing the very best we can within our limited means. We’ve hired an editor and an art director to help us reach the end. Pun definitely intended.

Screw this… I’m outta here!
A: Wait, that wasn’t a question. But feel free to move on and/or create your own full-length independent documentary film about the real Jim Morrison, all the while being patient enough to endure the time it takes to earn the trust of numerous Morrison family, friends, lovers, classmates and associates, not to mention raising the budget for continued research, development, equipment, production, air travel, car rental, hotel stays, post-production, etc. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same may be said of Paris, Tallahassee, Alexandria, Alameda, etc.

Q: Well, if your budget is so low, won’t BTE suck?
A: That’s subjective, as is the case with any film regardless of budget. Many multi-million dollar big-budget Hollywood movies “suck,” as opinions go. Personally, we maintain that BTE is the documentary film true Morrison fans have longed to see.

Q: Is it cool if I send you lots of emails with questions whose answers may easily be found via the official Before the End Facebook page?
A: We respectfully request that you refrain, true believer.

Q: Are John Densmore and Robby Krieger featured in Before the End?
A: Jeff Jampol, the agent representing Densmore and Krieger as well as The Doors, rejected our requests for their interviews. Sour grapes aside, Before the End’s primary focus has always been Jim Morrison, not The Doors. And, with all due respect to John and Robby, the last thing we want BTE to feature are retreads of Doors stories they’ve told many times in past interviews.

Q: Why is Before the End: Searching for Jim Morrison described as “the unauthorized documentary”?
A: Before the End seeks the unvarnished truth about WHO James Douglas Morrison was and WHY, and thus it reflects Jim’s no-bullshit life philosophy. As Anne Moore states in BTE, “Jim wanted REAL answers,” and so do we. For reference, note the substantial differences, in terms of candor, between Montage of Heck, the recent authorized documentary about Kurt Cobain, and Soaked in Bleach, its unauthorized counterpart.

Q: Will you put me in touch with Doors management, the Morrison family, Jim’s friends, and/or someone else who’s featured in BTE?
A: Absolutely not. We are not a referral service. We also don’t do windows.

Q: Is Henry Rollins narrating Before the End? Barack Obama? Stephen Hawking? Amy Schumer? Who???
A: Jeff Finn, Before the End’s director and writer, will narrate. In this way, a true hardcore James Douglas Morrison fan will finally give a voice to all true hardcore James Douglas Morrison fans in their search for the real Jim Morrison.

Q: But what about…
A: Let’s just leave it at that for now. We’re deep into post-production with a ton of work yet to be done. Sound good?

Q: Right on. Thanks.
A: That was a statement. So is this: Cheers. And thank YOU for your continued patience, enthusiasm and support!