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This is Jeff Finn, your roving BTE reporter at large…

Yesterday was Day 3 of BTE/FL Excursion #2. Florida State University has finally been tackled. Along the way, I asked a dozen FSU students if they knew who Jim Morrison was, and all but two said no. On a brighter note, I conducted a fascinating interview with Jim’s professor, the one for whom he wrote the Bosch paper. In my Florida travels, I’ve uncovered a number of Spanish Moss-covered rocks upon which Jim once strode, including his various college dwellings and roommates.

While at FSU, I opened a free newspaper box to retrieve a copy of the Flambeau [school paper], and who should I find hanging out on the front page but a miniature lizard king. He didn’t flinch the entire time I took his photo. If I was the mystical type, I might entertain the notion that he was Jim reincarnated. But sadly, like me, I think he simply was exhausted from the soup-like Tallahassee humidity and too tired to move. So I closed the box and left him to his shade. But before I left, I could’ve sworn I heard him say, “Thanks, Finn. Keep up the good work, fucker.”

Today was Day 4. Drove five hours to St. Petersburg and covered Jim’s junior college. Then it was over to Pinellas Park, where I learned much ado about the late Tom Reese, including some choice information which I’ll soon share. Along the way, I took in the house where Jack [Kerouac] died. Tomorrow, the interviews continue in Clearwater, with friends of JDM from the time he met Mary Werbelow.

~ Jeff