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Throughout the making of BTE, I’ve become acquainted with a few people who were good friends with Jim. One, in particular, shared a prime example of why so many choose to “hate Morrison” via knee-jerk reaction.

Circa 1990, Oliver Stone asked Jim’s friend to be a consultant for his then in-the-works biopic, The Doors. Jim’s friend said he was given the script and, upon reading it, marched up to Stone, pointed to it, and asked, “Why are you not telling the truth about Jim’s life?” Stone supposedly laughed and replied, “Because the truth doesn’t sell.” The friend returned the script and walked off the set.

If I had a dollar for everyone I’ve met who’s remarked, regarding Stone’s 1991 film, “Morrison, what a pretentious, narcissistic drunken asshole,” or words to that effect, I wouldn’t need to launch a Kickstarter donation campaign for BTE.

Everyone’s entitled to his or her opinion, but Jim’s friend’s experience illustrates how Morrison has come to be vastly misunderstood. That’s not to say Jim wasn’t capable of being an asshole, but who among us isn’t? In any case, it’s not Jess’s and my intention to deify Jim, but we’re not trying to demonize him, either, as others have successfully done. We’re revealing Jim’s rarely seen humane side, particularly as it pertains to his formative years. But to do so, we need your help.

Jess and I comprise a two-person independent production team. As we don’t possess the money and backing of a big Hollywood studio, we’re reaching out to Jim’s fans to be collaborators with us via Kickstarter. Anything you may donate is GREATLY appreciated! This is your chance not only to help make BTE a reality but, by doing so, to become a part of Jim Morrison’s legacy. You can help offset decades of lies, hype, and bullshit, and show a clearer, fuller picture of who Jim really was as a person. Please see the links below and help spread the word! We now only have 27 days to reach our $50K Kickstarter donation goal! THANK YOU!!

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